Voices of Christmas

My edi­tor at Zon­der­van asked if I was inter­est­ed in writ­ing a retelling of an Old Tes­ta­ment sto­ry like David and Goliath, or Noah and the Ark. I said no thanks. Nei­ther inter­est­ed me, but I thought it might be fun to fig­ure out a fresh way to tell the Christ­mas sto­ry. What if I […]

At Break of Day

How do you retell a sto­ry that’s been told a thou­sand times? How do you make it new, and fresh? Those were the ques­tions I asked myself when I got the idea to write a cre­ation sto­ry. But I did­n’t get to that point on my own. I had­n’t been sit­ting around think­ing about writ­ing any […]

Dark Sons

When­ev­er I’d sit in church lis­ten­ing to yet anoth­er ser­mon about Abra­ham and Isaac, I’d always think to myself, “Yeah, but what about Ish­mael?” I’ve heard maybe three ser­mons about Ish­mael in the last two years, but before then, I can’t remem­ber ever hav­ing heard a sin­gle one, which, of course, made me curi­ous. What […]