The Social Dilemma

I am, by nature, a self-con­fessed Lud­dite. I write the ear­ly drafts of all of my books on yel­low lined pads, and only turn to the com­put­er when it’s time to input the fin­ished draft. I then print out the draft, and write my revi­sions and edi­to­r­i­al notes on the hard­copy. Writ­ing and/or edit­ing on […]

High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech?

I bought a new car recent­ly (blame the dis­tract­ed dri­ver who rear-end­ed me while I was at a full stop.) My new, cer­ti­fied used car is essen­tial­ly a com­put­er on wheels—not the replace­ment car I had in mind. How­ev­er, of all the used cars the deal­er had in stock, this one was in the right price-range. Turns out, […]