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Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel
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Rich: A Dyamonde Daniel Book
(Book 2 in the Dyamond Daniel series)
illustrated by R. Gregory Christie
Putnam, 2009

About the Book

Dyamonde Daniel is excited about the local library’s poetry contest, and so is her friend Free. The prize is one hundred dollars—just think what they could buy with that much money! But when they find out that Damaris, one of their classmates, has been living in a homeless shelter, their ideas about what it means to be rich or poor start to change. And when they get to know Damaris, they realize the one who could use the prize money the most also happens to be the best poet in class.

In this fantastic follow-up to Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel, Nikki Grimes tackles big issues like homelessness in a sensitive, kid-friendly way. Dymonde’s can-do attitude and lively spirit will endear her to readers.

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2010 CCBC Choices list
2010 NCTE Notable Book
2015 Illinois Bluestem Award nominee


“Dyamonde liked to know everything, and she’d made up her mind that she was going to get to know Damaris Dancer.” Third graders Dyamonde and her friend Free make a new friend and discover what it really means to be rich. Free, whose father’s job loss has meant unfamiliar and unwelcome belt-tightening, is challenged by ever-optimistic Dyamonde to rethink his definition of what it means to be poor. A poetry contest with a cash reward offers Free the hope of a coveted video game. When shy, enigmatic Damaris also enters the competition, the duo becomes a trio. Damaris’s hidden life in a homeless shelter becomes public through her poetry, and the three friends learn together about true wealth. Fast-paced, believable urban school situations, including a memorable visit to a thrift store, make this a particularly relevant series entry for chapter-book readers. Christie’s light pen-and-ink sketches bring these good-hearted characters to life. Young readers will wish they had a friend like Dyamonde. —Kirkus Reviews

Audio Book Review: This second book in the Dyamonde Daniel series begins with Dyamonde and Free debating the definition of poverty. Free thinks his family is poor because he can no longer buy all of the things that he wants, while Dyamonde argues that poor would be having to go without the things he needs, like food and shelter. Because Free is newly interested in earning money, he jumps at the chance to enter a poetry contest that promises a cash prize to the winner. New student Damaris also enters the contest, much to Dyamonde’s surprise. As Dyamonde gets to know Damaris and learns the secret that Damaris has been keeping, she gains a new understanding of poverty and its effect on people.

The timely topic and fast-moving plot will keep kids engaged in the story. The issues addressed will resonate with many children and are made all the more accessible as seen through the eyes of such interesting, well-developed characters. Their voices really shine, especially as brought to life by author Nikki Grimes’s narration. —Kelly Hannahan, Sound Commentary

Audio Book Review: Dyamonde Daniel is back for a second installment in Nikki Grimes' s chapter book series. Listeners will feel a strong connection as Grimes dramatizes her characters perceptions of the poor and homeless in their city. Best friends Dyamonde and Free spend time searching secondhand stores for treasure and discussing the poetry contest that has just been announced at school. When they uncover a secret that their classmate Damaris does not want to share, they decide to befriend her. Grimes portrays Dyamonde' s infectious personality as she finds poetry in the most unexpected place and inspires Damaris to write with her heart. Grimes crisply weaves a story of friendship, trust, and poetry, and her straightforward delivery makes it ring true. —E.A.B. © AudioFile 2011, Portland, Maine

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