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Danitra Brown, Class Clown
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Danitra Brown, Class Clown
illustrated by E.B. Lewis
Amistad, 2005
ISBN: 978-0-688-17290-9
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From the book

"School is in and I remember
How much I detest September:
New classroom I have to scout
New teacher to figure out
New and harder math to learn
(Numbers that make my stomach church)
New bullies to face or fear
(Perhaps I should slip out of here)
But then, Danitra hops in, grinning
and all my gloomy thoughts go spinning."

from Danitra Brown, Class Clown
© 2005 by Nikki Grimes

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It's back to school for best friendsZuri Jackson and Danitra Brown, and Zuri's full of worry—about the new teacher, about the note Luther snatched, about her mom's health, her math homework, and more.But Danitra is always there—loyal and true. This third book starring Zuri and Danitra is another winner. Beautifully illustrated by Lewis, brimming with truth, heart, and friendship. Highly recommended." —Cynthia Leitich Smith, Cynsations

"Danitra Brown is back and so is her friend Zuri. Danitra is as feisty, loyal and adventurous as always.She clowns around and diverts attention whenZuri's note is about to be made into a class joke. Her lunchbox is always filled with unusual and daring food combinations. When Zuri is terrified of failing math, Danitra is there with help and encouragement. Zuri's voice is clear and loving as the narrator of the poems. Grimes is a master at selecting just the right word or twist of phrase to evoke the spirit of these two girls, while keeping the language simple and direct. The rhymes are clver and lively and fit just right. The poems flow neatly as they tell the continuing story of Danitra, an "original thinker," and a "matchless friend." Lewis's illustrations are spot on, capturing the girls' idiosyncrasies and bringing them to life. A charmer." — Kirkus Reviews

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