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June 2017
  Huntington Garden
  Another kind of heaven: Holland, MI during Tulip Festival!
  Naomi Shihab Nye's mom, Miriam
  Ed Spicer and Ann Perrigo surrounded by tulips! So grateful they treated me to the tulip festival.
  San Xavier Mission, Tucson, AZ
Love the sign in front of Ed's house, a gift from friends when he retired. It really captures his goofy spirit.
  The Watcher, copyright Bryan Collier
Lovely Allegan, Michigan
  Nikki Grimes and Sarah Aronson
  Guess which tulips would be Danitra Brown's favorites?
  Highlights word rock garden
  Tulips everywhere!
  Highlights word rock garden
  This cut-out gave Mr. Spicer a perfect opportunity to cut-up—one of his favorite things to do.
  Highlights word rock garden
  David Fuentes stares from Ed's deck while I snap a photo of him. Didn't realize I was in the photo, too!
  Highlights word rock garden
  Hanging out on the back deck of the lovely home Ed Spicer and Ann Perrigo share in Allegan, Michigan.

May was a quiet month. Not much happening, really. Unless you count Garvey's Choice being nominated for the North Carolina Children's Book Award; or a reading and book-signing at Kalamazoo, Michigan's Alma Branch Library; or the Bronx Masquerade audio edition being featured on No. There wasn't much happing in May.

Well, there was that day-trip to Holland, MI for the famous Tulip Festival.  That was colorful! And, as a bonus, Ed Spicer, Ann Perrigo, and I happened upon an amazing quilt competition. The entries were all so beautifully crafted, I can't imagine trying to choose only one winner.

I enjoyed a wonderful visit with Ed and Ann in Allegan, MI. They threw a fine dinner party in my honor, with composer David Fuentes and his lovely family in attendance.  David was the composer I worked with on that May & Martha cantata last year. I did an impromptu reading from One Last Word, at the dinner table, which was fun! Just ask members of the local SCBWI. They were there, too! When you're a member of SCBWI, you've got family everywhere.

May was momentous for another reason: I finally completed my companion novel to Bronx Masquerade! It's called Between the Lines, and it is set for release next summer.  An ARC of excerpts will be ready in time for ALA!

The Watcher

There will be a new book out this fall. The Watcher, a picture book based on Psalm 121, and written in the Golden Shovel poetry form, comes out in October. The Watcher is illustrated by Bryan Collier, and May marked its cover reveal.

A Pocketful of Poems was spotted in Germany by Poet Eric Ode; Words With Wings got a shout-out by poet Rebecca Kai Dotlich, who happened upon a Battle of the Books, during one of her own school visits; and Mary E. Banniser, a librarian in Seattle, reported tripping over a 5th grader on the floor between library stacks, so engrossed in Garvey's Choice that he failed to hear the end of day dismissal for his class! I love it when people share these stories with me. It is very rewarding to know that my books are having an impact out in the world, whether it's around the corner, or a couple of oceans away!

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