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April 2017
Orchid Exhibit at Denver Botanical Gardens

Guadalupe Garcia McCall and I stop for a photo on the way to our panel at the San Antonio Book Festival.

rose in April

Oh, happy day!  Roses are once again a-bloom in my garden.

San Xavier Mission, Tucson, AZ
While in Tucson, I visited the beautiful San Xavier Mission.

Reveal! A sneak-peak of interior art for my forthcoming book, The Watcher, illustrated by Bryan Collier.

The Watcher, copyright Bryan Collier
The Watcher, copyright Bryan Collier

National Poetry Month arrives
wearing her garland of
metaphors and similes.
Poets everywhere
string their verses
like pearls,
and I, for one, am giddy!

If March were a story,
it would surely be
in verse.

There was a book festival in Tucson,
then on to Louisiana
for a school visit
with another to follow
near Philadelphia.

Garvey's Choice provided
cause for applause.
showing up as a finalist
on Maryland's list
of Black Eyed Susan
Book Award nominees—Yes!
And the Children's & Teen Choice
Book Awards list, no less.
My roses bloomed
just in time to celebrate.
But wait!  There's more.

Poems in the Attic scored
a lovely review in Ribbons,
Journal of the Tanka Society
of America.
(I cannot tell a lie:
I loved it!)

A talk at Cal State Fullerton
came up on my calendar,
coupled with a visit to
the JFK Presidential Library,
where I joined
a most prestigious panel:
Lois Lowry—
can you imagine?—
and Alma Flor Ada.
A glorious gang of three
were we!

That rounded off the month
quite nicely,
but let me leave you
with a tease:
art from a new book!
Just look at these!

Well, that's all, my friends.
Now, pick up your pens
and write some verses
of your own
and fill this month
with the music
of poetry!

All for now.

Until next time,
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Nikki Grimes

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